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futuristic japanese restaurant in camberwell

Yokoso and welcome to Haiku Kuro, a futuristic Japanese restaurant in Camberwell.


By day, we're a trendy Camberwell cafe pushing the boundaries of culinary techniques. By night, we dim the lights and transport diners to the side streets of Tokyo. Our Izakaya-style restaurant and cocktail bar offers a unique and immersive dining experience. Perfect for those seeking an escape from the ordinary. Come for the eats, and stay for the beats as we cue our Japanese funk playlist.

restaurant interior with low lighting
photo of restaurant menu, plate, and chopsticks

tokyo restaurant vibes
(in camberwell)

At Haiku Kuro, we believe dining isn't just about food and drink. It's about creating experiences to shout about.

Our dimly lit restaurant offers a side street-type vibe to that of Tokyo. With its sleek design and dim lighting, Haiku Kuro captures the essence of a Tokyo nightlife hotspot. In addition, our creative and contemporary izakaya concept will tantalize your senses with a fusion of traditional Japanese flavours, and modern culinary techniques.

Combine this with our upbeat and funky atmosphere, you're set for a memorable journey through Japan.

japanese cocktails & imported beers - kuro style

At Kuro, we take our Japanese drinks selection just as seriously as our food. Therefore, we understand that no meal is complete without the perfect drink pairing. That's why we offer a unique range of cocktails, beers, whiskys, and sake that are hand-selected to complement our dishes.

Our team has crafted a drinks menu that showcases the very best of Japanese spirits and mixology. Indulge in our selection of Japanese whiskey, including the highly sought-after Hibiki and Nikka. Alternatively, sample some of the finest Japanese sake that we have to offer. It doesn't disappoint.


Prefer beer? We offer imported Japanese beers such as Asahi, Orion, and Sapporo to name a few.

yellow cocktail
selection of izakaya dishes

quintessential japanese in camberwell

If you're looking for a Japanese restaurant in Camberwell that offers a unique dining concept, Kuro is a must-visit.

Our mix of traditional Japanese cuisine and modern vibes is a winning combo. Relax and unwind to the sound of our Japanese funk, disco, and house beats. Let us dim the lights, set the mood, fire up the charcoals, and load the tunes. Escape from reality and let us do what hospitality does best. Forever Japan.

Want more haiku?

Looking for more Japanese in Camberwell? Check out our very own konbini concept next door named Haiku Future. Become immersed in Japan with our selection of groceries, knives, and general household goods. Did we also mention we do bento boxes, shokupan, and Haiku merch?!

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